The World of stories


By: Nisha Rai

ISBN: 9789358380651

Page:  50

Price: 710/-

Category: JUVENILE FICTION / Short Stories

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“The World of Stories” is a book specifically designed for children, aiming to help them learn and understand the importance of moral values in their daily lives. In a rapidly evolving world, children often lack exposure to essential moral principles. However, these values serve as the foundation for a successful life. The book emphasizes that if a child wishes to achieve their goals and aspirations, they must first embrace discipline and uphold core values.

Comprising seven captivating chapters, “The World of Stories” offers a collection of entertaining and enjoyable tales for children. Through these stories, young readers can learn, grow, and reflect upon themselves. By immersing themselves in this book, children can develop a deeper understanding of moral values, fostering their personal and social development.


Nisha Rai, the author of the story world, completed her schooling at MGM Higher Secondary School. She pursued her B.A. degree from Bokaro Mahila College. With a deep fondness for kids and children, Nisha aspires to become an ideal author and create a special place in the hearts of young readers.


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