Value of Values – A Blueprint for Steering True North


By: Dr. Deepchand Dhankher

ISBN: 9789358380156

Page: 296

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About the book

“The Value of Values: A Blueprint for Steering True North” is a book that aims to help readers understand and live by their values, unlocking their full potential for personal growth and fulfillment. The book acknowledges the importance of self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-improvement in personal development, with values being at the heart of this process. The book explains how values are fundamental principles that guide our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and how they serve as a source of motivation and resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks. Initially the book, “Defining Values,” sets the foundation for the rest of the book by providing a clear understanding of what values are and why they are important. The chapter starts by defining values as the principles, beliefs, and qualities that guide our behavior and decision-making. It also explains how values shape our lives by influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and how they serve as a filter through which we view the world. The book then explores the importance of values for personal development, highlighting how understanding and living by our values is essential for achieving personal growth and fulfillment. It provides examples of common values such as honesty, integrity, compassion, and respect, and explains how different values can come into conflict with each other, leading to difficult decisions and trade-offs. Overall, “The Value of Values: A Guide to Personal Development” is a roadmap for readers seeking to discover and live by their values, providing them with the tools and techniques to make decisions and set priorities based on their values. By the end of end the readers will have a solid grasp of the role that values play in personal development and will be ready to explore their own personal values in more depth

About the author

Dr. Deepchand Dhankher is an accomplished man with an impressive range of achievements. He is a veteran of the Indian Navy and currently works as an assistant professor of seamanship at Tolani Maritime Institute. He is also a yoga volunteer, a meditation teacher, and an NLP practitioner. He has written three books on various topics, including research paper writing and publishing, self-healing through Mudras, and psycho neurobics. Dr. Deepchand, most notable accomplishments is holding the India Book of Records for publishing the most research papers in a single year by an individual. His research has been focused on topics such as psycho neurobics and self-healing, earning him recognition for his work and a Best Research Paper Award. He has published over 40 research papers in national and international journals, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the field. Dr. Dhankher’s career history is just as impressive as his research accomplishments. He has served on several Indian naval ships, including INS Ganga, INS Anjadeep, INS Kiltan, and INS Guldar, and has received awards for his leadership and proficiency from Commanding officer INS Droncharya . He has also taught Naval NCC cadets at Naval NCC Ajmer, showcasing his commitment to education. He was also the Factory administrative manager with Triochem Products Ltd . He was also appointed as Director Administration of Roorkee engineering & Management institute Shamli (UP) India Dr. Dhankher’s passion for promoting mental and physical wellness is evident in his work as a yoga volunteer, meditation teacher, and NLP practitioner. He has a Ph.D. in psycho neurobics and holds two master’s degrees in value education and yoga and value education. He is a certified trainer from ISTD and has a postgraduate diploma in educational technology, showcasing his diverse range of expertise. As a research mentor for Livingstone International University and IICUT University of Cambodia, Dr. Dhankher is dedicated to guiding and inspiring the next generation of researchers. He is a sought-after external examiner and thesis evaluator, having attended the Ph.D. final defences of 12 scholars. Dr. Dhankher expertise and dedication to research, teaching, and promoting wellness make him a valuable contributor to his field and an inspiration to those who seek to lead happier and healthier lives.


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