Virginia Woolf: An Introduction (Victorian Perspective)


By: Dr. Pratap

ISBN: 9789358389340

Page:  124

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The present book entitled as ‘Virginia Woolf: An Introduction (Victorian Perspective)’ is a treat to English literature lovers. The book presents the Virginia Woolf’s life biography and history of Victorian age. This book is divided into eight chapters. First chapter gives the introductory information about the book with contemporary literary scenario.
This book analyses several factors responsible for the emergence of the novel in the 18th century with the major contributors of the Victorian age. This book gives the brief information about the major novelists of the time.
This book glances through the contemporary Victorian novels characteristics, prevalent child labour in industrial England. The book touches the feminist aspect of the Victorian age, woman’s place in the Victorian society, classes of women in the Victorian society, careers for women and educational opportunities. The major focus of the book is on the life of Virginia Woolf. It gives the information of Virginia Woolf’s from her family background, childhood, education, her teenage flirtations, marriage and married life ending with her suicide by drowning.
This book gives the information of Virginia Woolf’s writing career beginning with journalist career. Book throws light on versatility of her writing capability. Virginia Woolf throughout her life tried to perfect every literary genre by writing incessantly. Book gives the brief information of her major novels, short-stories, short-story collections, biographies, non- fiction; book length essays drama’s autobiographies, diaries.
The book enlightens Virginia Woolf’s contribution to literature, feminism and feminist movement in detail with full dedication chapter.


Dr. Ranshing Pratap Ramdas
Birth: 16th May 1981
Education: M. A. (Department of English, University of Pune), B. Ed. (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University, Aurangabad) M. Phil. (Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Aundh, Pune) Ph. D. (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University, Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) Maharashtra, India
Works: 8 International Research papers, 9 National research papers, participated in more than 30 International and National Seminars, conferences and workshops.
• Worked as the Vice- Principal & Head, Dept of English, in Arts and Science College Ashti Tal: Ashti, Dist Beed.
• Worked as the Guest Lecturer in Late. Ramchandra Dhas ( Dada ) College Of Computer Science Ashti, and Nalanda College of Computer Science Ashti, Tal : Ashti, Dist: Beed.
• Worked as the Assistant Professor in Trimurti College of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Newasa Phata Tal: Newasa, Dist Ahmednagar.
• Worked as the Assistant Professor in Samarth Law College, Belhe. Tal: Junnar, Dist Pune.
• Worked as the Assistant Professor in Shri. Tambeshwar Computer Science & IT College Kaij Tal: Kaij, Dist Beed.
• Worked as the Assistant Professor in Adv. B. D. Hmabarde Mahavidyalaya Ashti Tal: Ashti, Dist Beed.



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