Wanderings and Reveries


By: Khushi Shrivastava

ISBN: 9789358383331

Price: 299/-

Page: 150

Category: POETRY / General

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This book explores the landscapes of the mind. It is a deeply personal journey through emotions and experiences, weaving together themes of depression, trust, and growth. Each page serves as a window into moments both mystical and mundane, capturing the essence of human relationships and personal introspection.

As the book progresses, readers are invited to explore layers of meaning, finding reflections of their own lives in the stories. It’s not just a collection of poems but a conversation with the soul, offering insights and resonances that are both personal and universal. It is an invitation to readers to delve into their own experiences of love, loss, and longing, all while guided by poetic narratives that blend the real with the ethereal.



A storyteller at heart, Khushi Shrivastava draws daily inspiration from her single mother, whose strength and resilience motivate her to strive for greatness. When not immersed in crafting her next written masterpiece, Khushi can be found on stage, pouring her passion into riveting theatrical performances that captivate audiences. The poignant reflections in this poetry collection were crafted during quiet moments at school, often when she was supposed to be studying, and at home, when she was expected to be in school.



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