Applied Geomorphology of Akola and Washim Districts of Maharashtra, India


By: Dr. Namdeo Hiraman Khadse

ISBN: 9789358389029

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Page: 607

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This book analyzes the terrain of Akola District, India, aiming to optimize agricultural practices in the region. It achieves this by classifying the land into distinct categories based on various factors that influence crop production. Slope, soil composition, and even existing land use patterns are all considered when assigning a classification.

The study goes beyond just terrain itself, also incorporating human resources and development aspects. This comprehensive approach acknowledges the importance of both the land and the people who farm it for achieving agricultural success. By understanding these elements together, the book aims to create a roadmap for identifying areas best suited for specific crops and plantations.

This information is valuable not only for farmers but also for researchers and administrators involved in agriculture. Farmers can use the book’s insights to make informed decisions about what crops to grow where. Researchers will benefit from the data and methodology used to classify the terrain, potentially informing future agricultural development efforts. Administrators can leverage the book’s findings to create targeted policies and programs that support sustainable agricultural practices in Akola District.



I prefer to introduce myself as a researcher, a lawyer, a tad of an expository writer, and a tad of a social worker. I hold a master’s and a doctorate in geography in addition to my legal degree (LL.B.). I worked as the deputy director of NATMO (the Government of India). I have participated in numerous national and international geographical seminars and published a number of geographical research articles. In addition to the present book in Marathi, “ Sansadeche Shaktishali Shatra 368 Aani Sanvidhanacha Sar Va Tatvadnyan. I wrote and published books namely “The Global Terror of the Invisible Demon COVID-19” Volume One, 2. “The Global Terror of the Invisible Demon COVID-19” Volume Two, and “The Global Terror of the Invisible Demon COVID-19” Volume Three, which contain more than 1500 pages for the keeping of records and to make available for public awareness. I also wrote a book in Marathi called “Gramin Jivan: Vyatha O Vikas; Mendra: Nisargramya Gao; Vansh-Vistar: Integrated Vision.” I practice law and provide free or low-cost legal and social services after retiring. Currently, I serve as the founding president of the Jest Nagrik Foundation, Mangrulpir, District Washim, Maharashtra, India (Regd), which was established to support the elderly, uphold the fundamental values of the Indian Constitution, and encourage students and deserving individuals. I also founded the “Spanjians Villa” Library at the same place to develop reading culture, which had been lost due to mobile culture. The books in this library assist all competitive examination aspirants and provide in-depth knowledge about life traits.



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