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Pyaari Tarawali The True Story – Motion Title Launched – Astitva Prakashan

Pyaari an enigma of womanhood in search of love & freedom, leaving behind the choking customs of pain and emotions.

A sparkling true incident in 2010, and this emotional story of Pyaari and Laxman was weaved into a bestselling novel “Pyaari” and later was adapted into a film by Omsheel Productions. With talented new comers taking a lead and no big stars, instead this film’s content emerges as a star and the film makers focused on making the film a musical extravaganza giving a modern dramatic & cinematic experience which will touch every string of your heart. The different shades & emotions of a woman can be felt and Pyaari emerges as the reflection of every woman of our so called society.

A commanding story of Dream and Desire hooked in Love and Pain, written & directed by Rajneesh Dubey and presented by Omsheel Productions. Coming soon to release in your heart… 

About Pyaari Tarawali The True Story – Novel

“This is the story of a girl named “Pyaari”, with a desire of love, but, has no trust on the darkness of relationships, as she suffered marriage breakup not once but twice.

On the other side we have an ironic reflection, a boy known as “Laxman Chai wala”, who is aged 38 years but unfortunate to be a bachelor still. Despite of the fact that everyone in the village makes fun of him and teases him of not being able to find any girl to marry, he still has belief in himself and strong motivation in his mind. Only due to this sheer motivation and belief, life brings him close to Pyaari and gives him a chance to revive his flat life.

A new life brings you lots of responsibilities, and in this struggle of love and responsibility, our paths gets twisted sometimes. . Similarly, the story and relationship of Laxman and Pyaari takes a twist.

“Love is desire when we don’t get it, and Love is foul when we have it”.

Such is the true irony of life and relationships.

Based on a True event happened in TARAWALI Madhya Pradesha.

The story will touch every string of your soul and revive the true essence of heart and relationships to enlighten your life.”

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