By: Dr. Meena Tandle

ISBN: 9789358380293

Page:  78

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Women are architects of society and the world . Their health is very important. The well-being of women leads to a healthy, happy & stable herself and eventually leads to a foundation of a healthy and stable family ,society & world.
‘ Sahasrayogam’ is a complete Ayurvedic formulation treatise for almost all diseases but keeping in view about women’s health, the author has tried to describe medicines specifically related to the health of women in a tabular manner.
Also author described briefly anatomy, physiology & few pathologies of women for creating an awareness. There are 35 Ayurvedic decoctions and 5 minutes daily yoga described in this book for bringing an overall health to women and their family. These decoctions are picked from the authentic Ayurvedic text -Charak Samhita.
The author has also created a description of 35 herbal plants in this book which can be grown in the house by any woman as “My Mini Garden-My Health”
This special issue “ Ayurveda for women health” is dedicated to all women worldwide. The author also hope that the effort of creating this book will be useful for all medical practitioners in their daily clinical practice during treatment of female patients.


Dr. Meena Tandle born on 2nd November 1981 did her BAMS from NKJ Ayurvedic medical college, Bidar, Karnataka. She completed her MD (Ayu) Samhita & Siddhant from Uttaranchal Ayurvedic College Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
She is consistently spreading excellent Psychosomatic health in the society for more than 18 years through her Ayurvedic clinical practice and started teaching Ayurveda since 2017.
She also worked with All India Institute Of Ayurveda for the Stress Management project for Delhi police.
With the zeal for creating interest about knowledge of ancient & advanced Ayurveda in young aspiring students, she established ‘School of Samhita’ in 2020 ,which is an exclusive online & offline Ayurveda Coaching center for learning three basic texts of Ayurveda -Laghutrayee- [1. Bhavprakash Samhita( for details of Ayurvedic science & Herbs) ,2. Sharangdhar Samhita ( for Ayurvedic formulations) & 3.Madhav Nidan ( For Diagnosis of disease)].
Along with Ayurvedic clinical practice, she is presently working as Senior Assistant professor-Department of Samhita & Siddhant (Basic principles of Ayurveda) at IIMT University Meerut, India.


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