Bhagavad HR: Unlocking Ancient HR Management Strategies of Mahabharata


By: Utsab Roy Chowdhury

ISBN: 9789358380552

Page: 284

Price: 449/-

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Once upon a time, in a world where gods and mortals collided, and kingdoms rose and fell like waves in the ocean, there existed a cosmic battleground where warriors fought not only with swords and arrows, but with the strategic might of Human Resources.
If you wish to delve into the true essence and beauty of HR, this book will take you on an enlightening journey by drawing parallels with the epic of Mahabharata. It meticulously explores incidents from the Mahabharata and provides explanations from the perspective of a seasoned HR professional, unveiling the hidden wisdom and insights that can be applied in today’s corporate world.
By intertwining the Mahabharata with HR practices, this book offers a unique and captivating approach to understanding the multifaceted nature of HR functions. Each incident serves as a rich source of inspiration and learning, shedding light on the intricacies and complexities of HR management. The author skilfully relates these stories to contemporary HR challenges and provides valuable insights that can be applied to real-life situations.
In addition to the insightful parallel drawn with the Mahabharata, this book goes beyond theoretical exploration. It offers practical advice, quick tips, dos and don’ts, and important frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each HR functional category. These real-life tips provide actionable guidance that HR professionals can implement in their daily work, enhancing their effectiveness and improving outcomes.
Upon reading this book, you will gain tremendous clarity on how HR functions in today’s corporate world, from a completely different perspective. It will broaden your understanding of HR beyond mere processes and procedures, enabling you to grasp the underlying principles that drive effective HR management. The book’s holistic approach ensures that you develop a comprehensive understanding of HR and its relevance in modern organisations.
Welcome to a realm where ancient wisdom merges with modern HR science, where the Mahabharata meets the dynamic world of talent management, employee engagement, and leadership development. Brace yourself for an epic journey that will forever change the way you perceive HR!


Utsab, born in Kolkata, an accomplished HR professional with an MBA degree from the Institute of Management & Technology in Ghaziabad, with over 25 years of diverse experience. His expertise has been sought after by several prestigious institutes where he has served as a Guest Lecturer. He has also worked as a Corporate Academic Consultant, sharing his knowledge with organizations.
Utsab has received numerous awards for his outstanding contributions to HR. His innovative approaches in organizational management have earned him the “Best Innovation in Organisation”, “Best HR Practices” and “Best Training Institute” accolades. He has been recognized as the “Best HR Professional,” a “HR Champion,” and has received the “Special Achievement Award” and the “Contribution to Society” award for his contribution in the industry. Utsab’s commitment to excellence is evident through his implementation of Six Sigma, earning him the esteemed “Star GreenBelt of East Zone” award.
As the Founder and Principal Trainer of Interactive HR Spot Private Limited, Utsab has successfully trained, over 10,000 students in classrooms and online throughout his career. His reputation as a respected and influential figure is solidified by delivering more than 500 corporate training sessions.
Utsab lives in Kolkata and can be reached at


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