Bharatiya Darshan ka Rupantarankari Sawroop


By: K.L. Sharma

ISBN: 9789358384666

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Page: 128

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In this book, the author sheds light on the transformative nature of Indian philosophical wisdom. Through philosophical discourse, self-examination, or contemplation, it addresses the dilemmas, restlessness, and challenges of ordinary individuals. Philosophical self-examination helps us evaluate our lives and see its essence. It inspires us to imagine life in a deeper way and teaches us the methods of self-transformation. In the writings of all transformative philosophers, we see them emphasizing that our surface-level life is controlled by rigid or unyielding patterns. In a way, we are trapped in a small cave. This is our life. These philosophers explain that the state of perfection lies beyond these patterns. The state beyond patterns is freedom, it’s liberation. According to these philosophers, transformation is a valuable goal that we should strive to achieve. Each transformative philosopher’s perspective revolves around an invitation, encouraging us to make an effort to break free from our cave and inviting us to change ourselves. This book, “The Transformative Nature of Indian Philosophy: An Introduction,” attempts to elucidate this process of transformation in the context of the Indian philosophical tradition (Buddhist, Bhakti, Patanjali Yoga, J. Krishnamurti, and Gandhi). How successful we have been in this endeavor, the readers will ultimately decide.


Professor K.L. Sharma (M.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, Ph.D.) has taught Psychology and Philosophy at Rajasthan University for 36 years. He retired from the position of Head of the Philosophy Department in 1999. Dr. Sharma has authored 14 books and approximately 70 articles (on topics including philosophy, psychology, education, and gerontology) published in Indian and foreign journals. He has participated in and presented research papers at numerous international conferences held in countries such as the United States, Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Paris, South Korea, and others. In 1969, he founded the Indian Gerontological Association and in 2000, the Philosophical, Counseling, and Spiritual Healing Society. For many years, he has been consistently editing and publishing the Indian Journal of Gerontology Research. He is also a member of the editorial boards of several foreign journals.


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