By: Bijayanand Mishra

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The book “”Blossom”” showcases my English poems as capsules encapsulating contemporary society’s essence and the timeless clash of human nature across generations. Each poem, approximately 60 lines with around 300 words, intricately weaves themes of societal change, love, empathy, education, and environmental preservation. Through vivid descriptions of shifting landscapes and customs, I aim to highlight the nuances of our evolving world. Gratitude is extended to digital resources like Google, Facebook, Cambridge Dictionary, and Spell-checker for their indispensable support throughout the writing process. Poet friends on Facebook have also played a crucial role, offering encouragement and inspiration. From childhood memories of Anas and rupees to witnessing the digital revolution reshape education, the poems reflect the profound transformations of our time. “”Blossom”” is a testament to these changes, inviting readers to explore and contemplate the intricate tapestry of our modern existence.


Sri Bijayananda Mishra lives in Cuttack City of Orissa, India. He was born in Keonjhar town in 1951 and grew up in Puri, the beach city of Orissa. He completed his graduation in Engineering, Electronics, and telecommunication in 1977. And post-graduation in Computer Engineering Data Processing in 1988. His professional life was as a telecommunication engineer in the then Orissa State Electricity Board at Talcher Thermal Plant. After post-graduation, he opted for a career in his state for computerization and networking. In the last four years before retirement, he completed the project of core banking for 17 district co-operative banks and state co-operative banks. And with a central data center and networking for the banks and their branches in the state. In his retired life, after 2014, his passion is meditation and writing. 2016, the author faced brain injury by falling unconsciously. He survived but had no coordination part of the memory. But in 2018, he recovered well but was confined to his residence. His only passion is writing poems (English) and other topics. His love for spirituality and friendship. The Book PETALS is his first attempt into the writer’s world. Age 72. Birthday 10th February 1951. His mother tongue is Oriya. He is fluent in English and Hindi.




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