Chun loongi Moti gahre sagar se


By: Sonali singh & Narendra kumar

ISBN: 9789358388121

Page:  160

Price:  349/-

Category: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Poetry / General

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This book has a unique story based on the heroine’s desire to learn poetry. First of all, the book has been started with the worship of Mother Saraswati, then by narrating the inner call of the heroine to the hero, the works have been dedicated to the birth parents. After that, presenting his writings on women, nature, heroine and mother’s bickering etc., the book is concluded with the mutual bickering between the hero and heroine, separation, sweet meeting, unique love and finally the self-knowledge of the hero and heroine. Love is the basis of life on earth, without it a happy human life is unimaginable. The main attraction of the book is the mutual love between the hero and the heroine, the dialogue with the moon and the stars and the manifestation of the moonlight itself, giving courage to the hero to move forward in life and finally giving basis to their love.


Poetess introduction. Sonali Singh. Presently Lecturer, Subject – Microbiology, Education – Masters (Microbiology) Place of Birth – Darbhanga, Bihar. I have been fond of writing poetry and stories since childhood. Tourism and song presentation are an integral part of my life. During my undergraduate studies, I was the student secretary of the college’s publishing and writing society. During this time I got to learn important tricks of publishing. I keep trying to express my views on various aspects of human life through my creations.Recently, my chapter written on modern medical technologies was published in Sustainable Environment and Allied Sciences, a booklet being published in the life sciences field. My creations have found place in e-magazines, newspapers and shared compilations of various publications. Poet introduction. Narendra Kumar. Presently Lecturer, Subject – Biochemistry (Medicine), Education – Masters (Biochemistry). Reading, teaching and writing are my hobbies. Apart from this I like to spend time with elders. Children are the true reflection of God. Seeing them playing and listening to them and smiling in my heart is an integral part of my life. My aim is to present my ideas to the society with scientific facts and arguments for social upliftment and development. The chapters written by me have also found a place in the booklets of medical science and general science.


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