By: Arvind Kumar Roy


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About the book

Sometimes the journey of life doesn’t make sense. No one can judge exactly where the direction of the movement of life is. Often the opposite of what we think happens. Why this happens, its impossible to find an answer. Everything is not on your karma but karma of others in the family also affects each other’s fate. There are only a few people in the world who have always considered family as everything. Love is a form of sacrifice, but it is not right to sacrifice loved ones for love. Sometimes it is not possible for any one to leave the loved ones. There is sacrifice in love, there is sacrifice in work, there is sacrifice in discharge, but not everyone is able to determine correctly which is the priority at what time. Most of us retreat in fulfilling our obligations towards our loved ones for personal selfishness.
Daughters are not lagging behind in fulfilling their responsibilities or it should be said that today the trust on daughters is awakening more. Seeing the worldly situation, Chitra decided to sacrifice her love. She had no other way which she could accept from the soul. He considered his duties foremost and made up his mind to follow them. It was a coincidence that a sudden change came, as a result of which his selfless love did not allow him to be dishonored. It is said that there is no defeat of a true mind. These true hearts were not only of Chitra and Udit but also of Nirmala Devi and Pushpa, who never left Chitra’s side. Brother on one side and friend Chitra on the other. Between these two, Pushpa is helpless but not disheartened. Mother Nirmala Devi is deeply saddened by the condition of her son but is not ready to give up. Everything is opposite yet everyone is devoted to each other. When the surrender is done from the inner soul and is selfless, then God also surrenders himself once in them.

About the author

My name is Arvind Kumar Roy. Date of Birth 01 January 1957, Pilibhit (U. P.). Bachelor of Education: Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.L. L. B. : Kumaun University, Nainital.


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