By: Biplab Kr Saha

ISBN: 9789395300605

Page: 184

Price: 399

Category:SCIENCE / Physics / General

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About the book

Concise Physics Formulae Book is an essential book for those students who are preparing for NEET/JEE/BOARD(11&12) exam. This book is in basically the book for formulas. Here all the formulae are depicted chapter-wise. All necessary diagrams are also given for better understanding. Important tips and tricks are also discussed to remember formulae and to solve problems. Student spend a lot of time in making short notes. This book helps them to save their time and to remember and to revise all formulae in short time. This book will build a strong foundation in Physics. I started journey in writing this book from covid-19 lock down period in 2020. I typed the book myself, drew diagrams and design it. I have tried my level best to make this book errorless. I request the readers to let me know if there are any mistakes or if you have valuable suggestion.
My efforts will be worth while only if the students benefit from reading this book.
My best wishes and love to you all.

About the author

Biplab Kr Saha


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