Dignity and Grace in the Sun Set years : How to Attain and Retain


By: Dr. Asim Kumar Bandyopadhyay

ISBN: 9789358388633

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Page: 236

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This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the issues concerning the erosion and lack of respect, respectability, honour, grace and dignity for the community of senior citizens of the world over in general and India in particular. The importance and gravity of the topic is introduced by narrating several episodes, taken from real life examples, highlighting the plight of senior citizens at almost all strata of our society, starting from auto rickshaw driver to rich real estate owners. All are victims of cruelty, inhuman treatment, deceit, cheating and deprivation in the hands of the members of the senior citizens’ own family.

The book enumerates several factors that contribute to this erosion of dignity and grace for the senior citizens of our society. Some of these factors are contributed by the senior citizens themselves and suggests how the senior citizens can stave off this loss and attain and retain their dignity and honour by bringing about certain changes in their own attitude and approach.

The book also highlights the implications of retirement from active service and how and why the relationship of the senior citizen with the members of his own family, peers, erstwhile colleagues and the society in general undergo changes and transformation due to retirement and the accompanying loss of identity and suggests how a new identity can be established so as to reclaim and retain dignity and grace. The book also covers the legal safeguards available in India and all over the world to protect the interests of senior citizens in the form of legislation. The book is aimed at emphasizing on empowerment rather than entitlement by several concessions and privileges provided in the statutes.



This book has been authored by a renowned and highly seasoned professional, Professor Dr. Asim Kumar Bandyopadhyay who himself is a senior citizen now aged about 76 years. His professional working life spanned over about five decades, about two decades in a renowned manufacturing industry followed by a spell of entrepreneurship and more than two decades of academic life in a renowned management institute in the private sector in Bangalore.
Prof. Bandyopadhyay did his graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University ,Kolkata, followed by a post graduate degree in the same branch of engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, West Bengal.
He found employment in the management cadre in a giant electronics manufacturing industry under the ministry of defense in Bangalore, the electronics capital of the country. In course of about two decades of his service in that industry, he rose to the top of the middle management cadre when he was bitten by the proverbial entrepreneurial bug. He left his job and started a small scale industry making electronic subsystems and supplying to his previous employer.
He, in the meanwhile, developed a keen interest in academics and completed doctoral studies in management twice, one from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and another from Bangalore University and switched over to an academic career.
He joined a well- known academic institute conglomerate as a Professor. He taught there for more than twenty years in management discipline before retiring and taking to writing.
He was associated with a number of professional institutes in Bangalore and wrote three academic books before writing this book which is a result of his keen observation and association with senior professionals.


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