30 Winning Tips for Aspiring Traders: A Beginner’s Pocket Guide to Minimize Losses & Maximize Profits


By: Malathy Sasikumar

ISBN: 9789358386097

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Page: 106

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Welcome to “30 Winning Tips for Aspiring Traders,” a book that emerged as I transitioned from the IT field into the dynamic world of trading. This change not only reshaped my professional path but also deepened my understanding of the financial markets. This book is organized into three chapters, each designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills essential for successful trading. The first chapter, ‘Fundamentals of Stock Market,’ breaks down essential concepts into easy-to-understand language, providing a strong foundation for understanding how the stock market functions. This ensures that readers gain a thorough understanding of market dynamics, irrespective of their prior knowledge. The second chapter, titled “The Golden Rules of Trading,” presents a collection of seventeen crucial guidelines designed to help readers develop a disciplined approach to trading. Adhering to these rules is crucial for long-term success in the trading business. The third and final chapter, “Mindful Trading,” discusses the psychological aspects that distinguish successful traders from others. This chapter introduces thirteen powerful tips that guide you on how to integrate mindfulness into your trading routine to sharpen focus, reduce stress, manage emotions, and improve decision-making skills. Together, these thirty tips provide a complete toolkit that prepares you with the knowledge and self-confidence required to be successful in the field of trading. This book simplifies the complexities of trading. Consider it as your quick-start manual for the stock market. Instead of perusing through several books and extensive content online, you can find all the essential points right here in this little book. Let us embark on this exciting journey together, unlocking the secrets to successful trading!



Malathy’s trading journey began during her time at a major US bank, where she worked on software applications for advanced trading platforms. This deepened her understanding of the intricacies of stock market and fuelled her ambition to succeed in the volatile financial markets by mastering the nuances of trading. During the process, she discovered her calling and decided to pursue trading as a full-time career! In her book, “30 Winning Tips for Aspiring Traders”, Malathy discusses the techniques and best practices that have enabled her to maximize profits and become a successful trader and investor. She has penned this compact book to simplify stock market jargons and complex concepts to accelerate the learning process for aspiring investors. Through this book, she hopes to guide readers towards making profitable trading decisions and achieving financial independence.



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