By: Arunodaya Chaudhuri

ISBN: 9789358380361

Page: 160

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About the book

This book is a journey of man through life in our times. Life is more complex now than it was a few years ago. The Government wants information on every citizen. Companies likewise profile consumers targeting every individual consumer using the latest tools of Artificial Intelligence to almost force the consumer to purchase a brand.
In the larger social context, we see the emergence of leaders who wedge their family members into politics. Each state election sees a family owning the political face within that state. Media is a reflection of the same faces who hold the political reigns in their hands. Nationally the country is reduced to a two- member leadership team with unbridled powers. First it began with the Nehru Gandhi family who controlled the Congress Party as a Company. BJP followed suit. And in keeping with the times the same trend is seen in every state across the nation.
The book is an exploration of the benefits of Facelessness as opposed to the dangers of having an identity. And how a person treads the path of Facelessness to building an identity for himself. And in certain circumstances wishes he lost his identity and reverted to his character of facelessness.

About the author

Arun Chaudhuri: Advertising professional with over 4 decades of experience. Worked in leading Ad Agencies like Clarion, OBM, and Campaign. Professional books authored by him are Revaluation, ITC versus BAT, Indian Advertising 1780 to 1950, (Published by Tata McGraw Hill in 2009) and Indian Advertising Laughter and Tears,(Published 2014 by Niyogi Books ).
Also published 4 books of poetry including A Worm’s Verse (Writers Workshop Kolkata), Talkng Trees and other Tales (Educreation Publishing), Poems in Protest , Don’t Ask Why.
Plays published include, Eleven New Plays (2013), Eleven More Plays (Educreation Publishing 2015), and Ten New Plays ( Blue Rose One 2022).
A small novel published in 2022 is titled Canvas.


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