Garuda: The Dark Secrets of Lord Indra (Hardcover)


By: Lekha Varma

ISBN: 9789358386844

Price: 699/-

Page:  226

Category: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

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Garuda is inarguably one of the most powerful and mysterious characters to ever exist in Indian mythology. Despite of being in possession of unparalleled powers, The life journey of Garuda is quite relatable to everyone. There are many stories of Garuda unknown to the masses, apart from those which are popular and associated with Lord Vishnu. By intervening those untold episodes of Garuda’s life, with enriched creative imagination the author here is creating a universe and teleporting the readers to a world beyond time and space . The story of Garuda takes place beyond time and space. The age of Garuda and the other surrounding characters cannot be ascertained. This story takes place at the time when life was being created on earth. Garuda was born in the form of an egg along with the Nagas, But with a greater purpose. The purpose to maintain the balance of nature. Garuda, who emerged from an egg, began his life’s journey by freeing his mother from slavery and defeating his powerful enemies, the Nagas. How did Garuda unravel the hidden secrets of Lord Indra ? How is Garuda connected with the afterlife ? How did Garuda’s actions make Lord Yama ashamed in front of the Trimurtis? and how did the Trimurtis bring arrogant Garuda’s unharnessed powers capable of destroying the entire universe to its real purpose ? This book lights answers to all these riddles.



Meet Lekha Varma, a nature enthusiast hailing from Kerala, India, currently residing in Mumbai. Her poetic journey began at the Aashaan Memorial in Trivandrum, dedicated to Malayalam poet Kumaran Aashaan. After college, she transitioned from poetry to fiction, drawing inspiration from life experiences. Juggling homemaking and newfound passions for writing and cooking, Lekha finally found time to pen stories that brought her joy. Encouraged by her family, she authored a book, drawing parallels between her life and the protagonist, Garuda. In the bustling concrete jungles of Mumbai, writing has become her solace for the past 18 years.


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