Heal Your Wounds With My Love (Hardcover)


By: Suvechha Roy

ISBN: 9789358389968

Price: 499/-

Page: 159

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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Natasha and Ranbir, once bitter school rivals, mysteriously lost touch after graduation. In the years that followed, they each embarked on tumultuous journeys of love and self-discovery, only to find heartbreak in the arms of others. Natasha, haunted by an emotional rollercoaster, was eventually diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, while Ranbir, a perfectionist pursuing a Ph.D., uncovered a shocking revelation about himself – he was grappling with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.
Six years later, their paths unexpectedly cross in the tense atmosphere of a psychologist’s waiting lounge. As they sit face to face, the air thickens with suspense. Will the secrets they’ve harboured for years draw them closer, rekindling a long-lost connection? Or will their reunion be the catalyst for a devastating unravelling of their already fragile mental states? The looming question hangs in the air, creating an aura of anticipation as Natasha and Ranbir confront the enigmatic possibilities that lie ahead.


Suvechha was born and raised in Siliguri, West Bengal. She has completed her graduation in mathematics from Presidency University, Kolkata. She has done her B. Ed also. Suvechha has worked in schools as a mathematics teacher and has worked in companies as an SAT maths faculty. She has also worked as a coding and mathematics instructor.
Suvechha started writing from a very young age but only for herself. To decrease her negative thinking pattern, she started reading books. From there she had fallen in love with reading fiction novels. Suvechha was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at the age of 21. As She suffered from BPD for almost 5-6 years, she has understood the stigma and pain of mental illness. Today she calls herself a BPD survivor. She writes fiction to create awareness about mental health and the readers can also enjoy the story.
Other than this, she is a very creative person. she enjoys cooking, oil painting, gardening, and dancing Kathak. She loves dogs, cats, or any other animal.
Now, Suvechha is staying in Kolkata with her loving husband and two dogs.
Personality disorders are the least understood and most stigmatized mental disorders. She wrote this book to tell that people with personality disorders are like normal human beings, they are not monsters. With her debut novel she wants to break the social stigma around mental illness.



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