Badamia’s Knowledge Capsule


By:Dinesh Singh Yadav




Category:EDUCATION / General

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About the book

This book written by me is the result of the affection, love and trust given by all my students. I am thankful to all the students, scholars and readers who adopted this book and made it successful. Through this book, I have presented to you the essence of the important questions coming in the examinations to make your preparation more successful for the upcoming competitive examinations. In this book, along with the art, ulture, ography, economy and history of Rajasthan, important questions are ncluded giving information about the constitution and political system of India, general science and computer world, which will increase your knowledge and help you reach your goal. I will help you.Best wishes for the bright future of the readers.

About the author

Dinesh Singh Yadav Assistant Professor M.Com (EAFM), B.Ed, NET. of Commerce & Management Studies.Shri Dhanraj Ji Shri Chand Ji BadamiaPG College, Varkana (Pali)


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