By: Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”

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In India, the land of eternal culture and rituals, everyone worships their deity to please the Gods and Goddesses, so I have presented this verse to please Mother Lakshmi, along with the feeling of contemporary social, political and economic sensibilities. It is spreading on a large scale, but the person is going beyond the philanthropy by staying person to person and is not able to understand the importance of relationships or is creating disruption in relationships by driving frustration, suffocation, tragedy, unethical relations Department of Related and Social Staying beyond culture, the councilor believes in showing off in blind imitation of the culture. I want to give a message to the society through self-composed poems in the presented poetry collection that one should follow the traditions of our relationship, respect, self-respect and society, Sanatan culture. Treat Sanatan Dharma and Sanatan people like brothers, there are less listless people, whether you agree with their views or not, they are also your brothers, so relationships are very important in life, today political inconsistencies are weakening the society. In every section of the society, caste discrimination and nepotism, nepotism, etc. are forbidden in every section of the society. I have presented in front of everyone, if you have any kind of problem, please do not put it on any particular person, but I have presented my thoughts on the society. The facilities that nature has made available to us have been presented in a simple and easy form. Make your life successful by living each other in ideal dignity in the courtyard of mother India. Today it is better to remove malnutrition like love jihad, live in relationship and stay away from mobile culture instead of loving a person by being influenced by the way the country In these poems, fundamental rights, policies and principles will help in taking our country forward, the pain of young men and women troubled by jobs, rising inflation, Dalit women who have been victims of exploitation have raised their voice. Reading the thoughts in various contexts in the presented poem collection left no stone unturned in the brain.My wife Mrs. Kripa Sharma, son Nitish Kumar and Anupam Sharma asked again and again to write fresh thoughts, Ms. Rachna Sharma, Assistant Professor Sanskrit, MA Student Hina Vaishnav contributed in some poems to change the fundamental and level ideas in the present context and I express my gratitude to all the personnel of Shri Kallaji Vedic Vishwavidyalaya Kalyan Lok Javada Nimbahera Chittor Rajasthan who directly or indirectly supported them.

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Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma “Vidrohi”


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