Kavya Tilak


By: Himanshu Pathak

ISBN: 9788119064939

Page: 113

Price: 190

Category: POETRY / General

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days


About the book

Through this book, I have made my debut in the literary world. Severe depression and loneliness have played an important role in preparing this book. After his experiences, poetry entered my words, which was unexpected. I was feeling revengeful. Now the chirping of birds, the rain of clouds, the blooming of flowers attracted me more than usual. I would experience them for hours. I used to try to listen to the song of the beauty of nature with my ears. Emotionality suddenly became very high in me. I used to get goosebumps when I passed by a butcher’s food. I used to care about stray dogs in cold nights. Which probably never happened to me before.

About the author

My name is Himanshu Pathak. I am from Garhwa Jharkhand. I am just 21 years old.


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