By: Prakash Nagarajan

ISBN: 9788119064847

Page: 177

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Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

Poetry is a truthful expression of what one feels inside. As human beings, our aspirations dreams and hopes are the same, irrespective of the differences to our backgrounds. Poetry is written not only for enjoyment, pleasure or entertainment, but goes a long way in building a common bond of goodwill and amity among people. Very many social issues can be portrayed sensitively or highlighted through this lovely medium of poesy. And sensitively done poetries, in a most beautiful way, can become real eye-openers to several social ills that plague a society. Modern world has become materialistic, hectic, and automated beyond measure, as a result of which people are becoming badly pressed for time, and in process, have even lost the will to seek leisure. Such frenetic lifestyles have taken a serious toll of their mental and physical well-being. It has become all the more important for present day bards to work in directions that will shape people’s priorities to things that should really matter in life in the longer run. All I say is, let’s take time to stop…and smell the roses. It’s a beautiful world. Let’s not forget we all are tourists here en route…We will never know, if we will have a life here again.

About the author

Prakash Nagarajan, is an upcoming author and a popular poet of international repute from India. Though reticent by nature, he is a keen observer of Life, and coupled with his penchant for writing, he often puts to paper with a lovely flourish, his thoughts, views and observations. His easy, conversational style of writing makes most of his books a compulsive read, giving insight to his world views, and values that he cherishes utmost in life. When not confined to his desk churning out poems and stories, he seeks pleasure in long walks, is an intense nature-lover and avid photographer. In his spare hours, he can also be found devoting time teaching (for gratis) school children, Economics, Psychology, History, and English, subjects those that are close to his heart. His literary offerings include, ‘Stepping back…’, ‘The business kinds’ and ‘The Moon Worshipper’. His recent book, ‘Different skies…’, an assortment of short stories, is now widely acclaimed.


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