Language Practice – Specimen Papers for ISC students


By: Arijit Das

ISBN: 9789394607132

Page: 120

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Language is very tricky. You cannot become good at it in a few weeks or months. Daily practice can help you become more aware of the limits of your vocabulary, your general knowledge, and your style and methods of expression. The more you practise, the more obvious your shortcomings become. Once you know your limitations, you can improve your vocabulary, your grammar and syntax, and your ideas, by finding more appropriate words or experimenting with new ideas and expressions to see if there are other ways to get your thoughts across. In this way, language practice can help you mould your style, improve your speed and improve your overall efficiency, giving you an edge during your examinations. The harder the effort given before the examination, the lesser the effort needed during it. Always remember this Spartan motto:“Sweat more in practice, bleed less in war.”


Post-Graduate from Jadavpur University [JU] in English, Graduation in English from Scottish Church College, with a B.Ed & an M.B.A. Teaching English to school students for 15 years, across CISCE and CBSE boards. Ex-Journalist. Also into content writing, translation from English to Bengali and vice-versa.


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