Mere Jeevan Ke Khattey Meethey Anubhav


By: Chaitanya Agarwal

ISBN: 9789391219116

PRICE: 199

Category:FICTION / Romance / General

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About the book

During everyone’s life, there are so many memories or KHATTEY MEETHEY ANUBHAV that are made and some of them stick to your so fresh as if the accompanying event occurred yesterday. The book describes that how we experienced and enjoyed our past life. Further how we reached from ordinary steam engines to high powered electric engines, from radio to sophisticated WIFI Television, from cycle to high powered electric cars, from bullock carts to flying machines, from ordinary posts to the internet and making the world in our hands, ordinary kaccha road to high expressways, from Telephone to satellite, introduction of Internet banking using ATM/Credit card/Phone Pay, washerman (Dhobi) has been replaced by the washing machine, housemaid has been replaced by dishwasher and Robot, etc. Credit and debit cards along with so many online payment systems have been launched without using hard cash and so on. Such a fast development has been seen only by our generation in the last seventy years.

About the author

A retired Groundwater Scientist from State Groundwater Department after putting about 36 years of active service. During this period published a number of research papers along with publishing a technical book on Remote sensing. After my retirement in the year 2009, start writing various columns on various social platforms regarding social evils and related to Groundwater problems. This all gave inspiration to me to write about the pace of development during the last seventy years. Recently in the year 2021 published two fiction books one on “My travel History” and the other “My work Memoir”.


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