My Autobiography


By: Vijendra Jain

ISBN: 9789391219123

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About the book

The purpose of writing my autobiography is to share all the events, I have passed through my life, from childhood to the present stage when I am in the last phase of life. It has been my experience that each life stage provides different experiences depending upon the persons and reactions one gets to live with. In my opinion the childhood period, I assume it is then up to the age of 12 years, it is a memorable stage, which one bears life long, and one remains unattached to a period when the mind is receptive to everything, and a child of that age is still unbiased, neither he knows much about himself, nor he is calculative about the other and the surroundings us. Most of the time he or she works as per instincts imbibed in him by nature. That period of my life still enchants me to an extent that usually loves to cherish dreams.


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