Nayaki Dulhin: Nandan Geetmala


By: Ramnandan Mahto ‘Agyani’

ISBN: 9789358385236

Price: 175/-

Page: 111

Category: POETRY / General

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Renowned folk lyricist Ramnandan ‘Agyani’ brings a fresh charm and vibrancy in his latest creation, “”Nayaki Dulhin.”” The work exudes naturalness in both emotion and language. Folk songs are heartfelt tales of life, and when blended with the pleasing rhythm of poetry’s inherent beauty, they become cherished adornments. These songs, free from the constraints of linguistic discipline, emerge melodiously from the hearts of people, offering the joy of beautiful literature. By emphasizing implicit meanings over explicit ones, these folk songs attain the glory of excellent poetry, deeply impacting the masses. Folk songs reflect the civilization, culture, social, economic, and educational consciousness of a region.

Ramnandan ‘Agyani’ fills “”Nayaki Dulhin”” with a rich array of themes. From patriotic songs and farmers’ calls to progress songs, dispute songs, and comforting songs, each piece is impactful. The traditional songs for occasions like Raksha Bandhan, swings, and Holi vividly showcase the culture. As a lyricist who is also a singer, Agyani infuses melody, rhythm, and tone with heartfelt passion, creating a pure and unadulterated taste for the audience. His success is evident, as various platforms have honored him. His simplicity and straightforwardness have made him popular, and readers and listeners will feel as if the songs were written just for them. He has made significant contributions in Angika, Maithili, and his regional language, creating pieces for everyone—women, men, children, and the youth. Agyani’s songs emanate from the depths of his heart and touch the soul.

The literary, social, and cultural essence of Bakhri town is captured in the song “”Jai Bakhri.”” Addressing road safety, a significant issue, the song provides valuable guidance for today’s enthusiastic youth.

Thus, “”Nayaki Dulhin”” possesses all the qualities of an excellent collection. Adorned with delightful and flavorful songs, this book is destined to be cherished. With wishes for a long, healthy life and a bright future for Agyani, I hope for the success and meaningful impact of “”Nayaki Dulhin.””



Lyricist: Ramnandan Mahto ‘Agyani’

Parents: Chandni Devi and Kamli Mahto

Residence: Nandan Niketan, Municipal Council, Bakhri, Ward No. 20

Educational Qualification: Matriculation

Profession: Teaching at a private school

Writing: Songs, poems, etc.

– In 2015, honored with an Angavastra and certificate by the Bihar BJP’s Arts and Culture Cell in Patna.
– On December 14, 2022, honored with the ‘Literary-Art-Service Award’ by Sahitya Kala Manch, Bakhri.
– On May 2, 2023, honored for excellence in social service by St. Paul Modern School, Bakhri.
– Also honored on several occasions by Shri Vishwabandhu Library, Bakhri, Kushwaha Vichar Manch, Bakhri, and Azad Bakery, Bakhri.

Editing: Edited the local periodic magazine “”Apne Ko Jano”” in 2003.

Other: Poems published in several local magazines such as Tarun-Swar, Mookvani, Pravah, etc.



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