Spin of Life: A Roller Coaster of Emotions


By: Sakshi Sharma

ISBN: 9789358383034

Price: 179/-

Page: 70

Category: POETRY / General

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“Spin of Life: A Roller Coaster of Emotions” is a compilation of 26 poems. This book talks about the Nature of life and addresses every emotion.

According to this book, “”Life is a chance to prove your divine that you can reach him through every situation. ‘Spin of Life‘ brings light to the uncertainty of life and the fact that at the end, everything is going to be okay.’

No matter, what you have lost, what you have and have not achieved, at the end, what matters is you, your way of handle those situations and your deeds that brought you closer to your supreme.

The book says that Life is like a game where, when we try to level up; we are bound to face hardships, and after managing to go to the top, to a new level, we are going to face more difficulties. This cycle goes on and you learn how to face every situation calmly, without being vulnerable.

The book teaches us, that life is a gift of God for us to reach out to him through making best out of it.

It teaches that every emotion, every hardship and every happiness is a part of us. It is not a new or foreign thing to us. We should welcome every phase of life while being indifferent in every situation.
‘Life is for us. Life is within us.’



Sakshi Sharma is a student of master’s in English, a lover of poetry and a writer. Being, A grade student, she was good at every subject. After, completing her senior secondary education, she chose to do Bachelor in Arts, which was surprising as she was a student of mathematics.

While everyone was suggesting her to choose maths in graduation, her love for literature made her an arts student.

English, being her major subject was always very captivating to her. Reading have always been her favourite thing to do.

She won first prize in an essay-writing contest at district level. Her poems got published in her college’s magazine. Her professor praised her poetry and suggested her to publish her own book.

She wrote her first poem, while she was going under a physical surgery and had to be hospitalized for days at the age of 18.At that time, she was very discouraged and stressed.

To motivate herself, she wrote this poem called “”Difficult Days””. She dedicates this poem to her readers. Since then she started to write poetry more often.

Poetry has become her favorite way to express herself. She believes that poetry is a open book of the poet’s heart and best way to clear one’s mind. “”Spin of Life: A roller coaster of emotions”” is her first book which she gladly presents to all the poetry lovers. You can leave your feedback at mypoeticcorner7@gmail.com.

Lastly she thanks Astitva Prakashan for immense support in publishing her first book.



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