Meri Kavya Rachna: Kavita Sangrah


By: Krishna

ISBN: 9789358388411

Price: 149/-

Page: 68

Category: POETRY / General

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“Meri Kavya Rachna” is a special book full of poems about different things and feelings. The writer shares her emotions in a way that’s easy to understand and relate to. She wants readers to enjoy her poems and feel connected to them. Each poem is like a beautiful song, with deep thoughts and strong emotions. This book is a great way for people to get into Hindi poetry and for young writers to express themselves. It’s written in simple language and has lovely pictures to help tell the story. If you like poetry or want to try something new, “Meri Kavya Rachna” is a perfect choice!



“My name is Krishna, and I live in Varanasi. I received my early education from a Hindi-medium school, studying math until class 10 and then pursuing arts in the 12th grade and graduation. It was in my 12th grade that I wrote my first poem titled “”Life is a Struggle.”” This poem marked the beginning of my journey into poetry writing, igniting my interest in the art form. Since then, I have actively participated in various events such as school and college competitions. This book is my first endeavor, and I hope for your encouragement and support. Thank you!


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