Shalini – Guru Bahan Ki Saheli


By: Pankajdheer Meena



Page: 197

Category:FICTION / General

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About the book

This is not a story, it is a memory that I am going to tell you, if I wanted, I could add many such tales to this story which would have been completely full of fantasy but to do so would probably have to go with this story because This is not a story, it is a memory and a memory always lives on the foundation of truth.
Now you go ahead in this story with me and you see how much truth is there in this story and how many imaginations.

About the Author

Pankajdheer Meena is an Indian writer and poet, his residence is in Dikheda, a village near Vidisha city, you have done your education MSc Physics (R), you have done many programs and poet conferences on social issues on stage, In which farmers and women have been a major subject, self-awareness is considered important from society and country development.


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