PJ Collections: Kids Drawing Book 2


By: Priya SK

ISBN: 9789358385205

Page:  70

Price:  1273/-

Category: ART / Techniques / Drawing

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days



Dear Pupil,
A colorful painting book designed to attract kids, to inspire and motivate them into the art of drawing and painting. A long lost skill which is almost extinct with the technology advancement. The author’s attempt is to revisit in the area of arts, to revive the interests in folks, to pass on the story telling skills with pictures. It covers various subjects such as science, geography, the chemistry of light with objects, history etc..
The blank page to the left is provided for you to draw similarly by looking at the picture to your right. You may choose the same color combination or change it as per your imagination. Bring out the creative aspect of you. Be part of my painting journey. Let’s spread the love of colours.
Humbly Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Priya SK


I, Priya SK, have been working for last 19.5 years in IT industry. I have had many interests in areas such as Toastmasters speech delivery, meditation, travelling, healing and singing. Though, I used to paint and draw as a child I didn’t pursue it until recently. The time of covid got me into exploration of my new lost skill from the past. The time that I quit my job in 2020, the time that I had for myself, the time that I had lost all my connections introduced me to the new world of friends with my paint brushes, canvas sheets, you tube songs in the background and memories.
I would be releasing all my other paintings as well very soon. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for taking time to read this note.
Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
Priya SK


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