Saindhavbhavan and A Mysterious Accident


By: Ranga Sai Komaragiri

ISBN: 9789358388503

Page:  184

Price:  249/-

Category: FICTION / General

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Deep within the heart of an ancient forest, where the line between right and wrong blurs, stands Saindhavbhavan, a prison veiled in mystery. A new jailer arrives with hopes of change, but a puzzling call from a forest officer sets off a chain of events that ties the destinies of two inmates to his own. These prisoners, shrouded in silence and conflict, hold a tale beyond imagination.
Amidst the prison’s secrets, a hidden truth emerges—an incident preceding their captivity that forever altered their lives. As the inmates begin to converse, the walls of deceit crumble, revealing a truth that defies expectation.


I am Ranga Sai Komaragiri, an author with a passion for storytelling and a diverse background. Writing has been an integral part of my life, a creative outlet where I express my thoughts and imagination. I’ve also explored the world of visual storytelling, having written and directed several short films. I’m thrilled to share this captivating story with the most enthusiastic readers.
Through my writing, I aim to engage and transport readers into unique and mysterious worlds, and I’m excited to share my literary adventures with you.


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