Selling Like A Wildfire: Ignite Your Sales Growth


By: Nilkanth Patil

ISBN: 9789358389708

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Page: 170

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“”Selling Like a Wildfire”” is a dynamic and insightful guide that navigates the intricacies of successful sales strategies in the contemporary business landscape. The book begins by delving into the fundamental principles of effective selling, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and building lasting relationships. The author explores the psychology of buying and selling, providing readers with valuable insights into consumer behavior and decision-making processes.

One of the key strengths of “”Selling Like a Wildfire”” lies in its emphasis on adaptability. The book recognizes the ever-evolving nature of markets and technology, encouraging readers to embrace change and adopt innovative approaches to sales. It covers a range of modern selling techniques, including the use of social media, digital marketing, and data analytics to enhance sales effectiveness.

Throughout the book, real-world examples and case studies are integrated, illustrating successful sales strategies employed by top performers in various industries. This adds a practical dimension to the theoretical concepts presented, making the content accessible and actionable for readers at different stages of their sales careers.

“”Selling Like a Wildfire”” is not just a guide for sales professionals; it is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to understand the dynamics of successful selling in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you are a seasoned sales veteran or a novice in the field, this book provides valuable insights and practical tips to ignite your sales success and make your business spread like wildfire.



Nilkanth Patil – A Sales and Management Professional
Nilkanth Patil is a highly accomplished mechanical engineer and management professional with a strong background in sales and product management. With more than experience of 25 years in the industry, he has garnered extensive knowledge and expertise in driving successful sales teams and achieving continuous growth.

Currently, Nilkanth holds the position of Regional Product Manager at an MNC overseeing operations in 14 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. His role entails managing and strategizing product offerings to meet the diverse needs of customers within this expansive market.

Throughout his career, Nilkanth has primarily focused on capital equipment sales. This specialization has given him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the field. Having worked extensively on the ground, he possesses valuable field experience, which provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Despite his specialization in capital equipment sales, Nilkanth possesses a comprehensive understanding of all types of sales processes and growth formulas. This breadth of knowledge allows him to analyze and evaluate sales strategies from various perspectives, enabling him to identify effective approaches and drive consistent growth for his teams.

Nilkanth’ s approach to sales management is rooted in his understanding of the sales process and growth formula. By combining his technical knowledge as a mechanical engineer with his business acumen, he excels at aligning product offerings with customer needs and identifying market opportunities to drive revenue growth.


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