Soulmates Until Dawn


By: Kedar Gurjar

ISBN: 9789358383218

Price: 449/-

Page: 358

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

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Author Kedar Gurjar’s SOULMATE UNTIL DAWN teleports us into the world of Madhav Sharma, and his quest to find the mysterious lover of his dreams. Will he succeed in finding the unknown? Author Kedar Gurjar takes you on a puzzling journey, into the life of Madhav Sharma, an ordinary guy trapped in an extraordinary situation. By day, he is at his full job, secretly admiring a woman out of his league. But by night…here’s where it gets weird.
Madhav meets Shreya…the girl of his dreams—literally. They’re madly in love, but there’s a problem—Shreya only exists in his dreams and Madhav is now obsessed with her. The obsession is ruining his career and peace of mind. He must find her before he loses it all. But how do you find someone that is unreal? This is beautiful fiction story, which is inspired by some real events.


Kedar Gurjar is 27-year-old aspiring writer. He has done his diploma in filmmaking from the Zee Institute of Media Arts, specialising in screenwriting. He is currently working on three projects—a sci-fi web series, a mini-series for an OTT platform, and a horror anthology novel. He is an avid blogger for tech where he uses satire as a form of expression. This is his first book, and many are in pipeline.



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