The Sky Is Colourless


By: Manjari Mansha

ISBN: 9789358380590

Price: 149/-

Page: 102

Category: FICTION / General

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The Sky Is Colourless” delves into the intricate lives of two individuals, exploring the complexities they face. Set against a backdrop of uncertainty and emotional turmoil, the book navigates through their personal journeys, revealing profound insights into human nature and the unpredictable twists of fate. With its poignant narrative and thought-provoking themes, this fictional tale captivates readers, leaving them pondering the true essence of existence and the ever-changing hues of the human experience.


Manjari Mansha is a learner and a budding writer from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She embarked on her literary journey in her first year of studies. Her debut book, “In a Fog,” showcased her poetry writing abilities. With her next effort, “The Sky Is Colourless,” Manjari further solidified her place in the literary world by trying her skills at story-writing. Through her literary works, she explores the complexities of life. The teenage author would love to continue experimenting with her skills.



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