SUSHUPTI VIDNYANA-Art of Anesthesia in Ayurveda



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In the intricate realm where ancient wisdom meets modern science, “SHUSHUPTI VIDNYANA” The Art Of Anesthesia In Ayurved unveils the captivating synergy between timeless Ayurvedic principles and the contemporary art of anesthesia. Embark on a riveting journey through the corridors of holistic healing, where the threads of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha weave a seamless narrative, guiding practitioners and enthusiasts alike into the profound realm of consciousness modulation. This groundbreaking exploration transcends conventional boundaries, inviting readers to witness the harmonious convergence of tradition and innovation, as Ayurveda gracefully extends its healing touch to the delicate domain of anesthesia. Welcome to a tapestry where serenity meets precision, and ancient insights seamlessly blend with cutting-edge techniques, shaping the future of anesthetic care.


Dr. Vaibhav Mishra
At the Parul Institute of Ayurveda, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India, he is a scholar in the Shalya Tantra department. Attained the prestigious award title of Mr. College after completing his undergraduate studies at RGUHS in Bengaluru, Karnataka. At the CARE (NABH) Institute, he earned a diploma in critical care and he achieved first rank. His PhD in Psychoneurobics & Memory Science is completed from Florida, USA. A certified Neurolinguistic Programmer, he practices integrated holistic medicine. The writer is the author of 30 research articles that have been published in various International, peer reviewed & web of science journals. Author has developed intranasal spray of Vijaya (Cannabis) for peri-operative sedation for the first time inAyurvedic Sangyaharan (Anesthesia) domain. Our innovation “Bhang (Cannabis) intranasal Spray-A Potent perioperative sedative formulation”, filed for Indian patent (IPR) successfully. In the International Conference “Sthaviropkrama” 2021, he won the Best Scientific Paper Award by GBAU, and in the National Conference, “SHALYA KAUSHALYAM” 2023, NIMA hailed him as the Second Best Paper Presenter. Additionally, he garnered the International Outstanding Researcher Award by the ISSN International Research Awards Congress. The author is on the Cannazo India’s Ayurvedic Advisory Board Committee. He received recognition from BP International Publisher in London, UK, for his excellent reviews. Socially, he is the state secretary of the Chhattisgarh RBMS medical cell. His interests lay in interdisciplinary care, and he values perseverance, hard effort, and commitment. E-Mail :

Dr Parikshit Shirode, an eminent surgeon from Ayurveda fraternity, completed his graduation as BAMS with flying colours followed by M.S. in Shalya Tantra (General Surgery) from V. A. M. V., Amaravati, Maharashtra holding 2nd position at university level. He has profound clinical experience of 19 years. Almost 1800+ cases are operated successfully by him till date. He has 15 years of Teaching experience. He started his academic carrier as lecturer in Shalya Tantra at Shree Saptashrungi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and hospital, Nashik, Maharashtra, and continued there as an associate professor. Since December 2018, he is working at parul Institute of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat as Professor at department of shalya tantra. Till now 15 PG Scholars have submitted their dissertations successfully under his keen guidance, and at present 6 Pg Scholars are doing their dissertations works under his guidance. In ‘Hemalkasa Surgical Camp at Dist. Gadchiroli, Maharashtra (A project by Dr Prakashji Amte and Rotary, Nagpur) in 2005, 2006 and 2007 where he has also awarded with the certificate of excellence by Rotary Nagpur. He has also awarded with prestigious Sushruta award by Gujarat board of Ayurveda and Unani system of medicine. He has published 20+ articles in renowned international journals.. He also contributed his expertise through writing the chapters in books published by international publishers.

Dr. G S Chakraborthy completed his education from Hamdard University, faculty of pharmacy. He Started his career as lecturer and attain the post of principal. At present he is working in Parul institute of pharmacy & Research, Parul university, Vadodara. Having 21 years of experiences in teaching and research apart from administrative responsibilities. Published more than 200 articles comprising both research and review. Contributing to society by having professional membership and guidance to UG, PG and doctorate students. One award received from professional body for contributing in research and teaching.

Dr. Lalita Dushad the brilliant mind behind the healing touch, our esteemed PG Scholar in the Department of Shalya Tantra at Parul Institute of Ayurved, Parul University in Vadodara, Gujarat. Having graduated with distinction from PGIMS University, Rohtak, Haryana in 2020, she embarked on a journey of continuous learning and achievement. In 2021, she successfully completed a diploma in PGDEMS from the prestigious Symbiosis International University, adding another feather to her cap of qualifications. But what truly sets her apart is her prolific contribution to the realm of scientific knowledge. With five published scientific articles gracing the pages of various reputable journals, she is not just a scholar but a trailblazer in her field. Beyond the accolades, our author possesses an unwavering faith in the time-tested principles of Ayurveda for healing. Patients flock to her not just for treatment but for the assurance of a skilled practitioner who has mastered the art of addressing disorders with finesse. In the world of healing, she is not just a practitioner; she is a beacon of expertise, spreading the light of wellness with every patient she encounters.


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