Symphony Of Silence


By: Shabnam Jamal

ISBN: 9789358383584

Price: 260/-

Page: 159


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Symphony of Silence unfolds as a deeply personal exploration, where Shabnam shares the tapestry of her past moments, joys, sorrows, and struggles. The canvas of her journey to Indore City becomes the backdrop for a vivid and emotional story, meticulously painted with words that resonate not only on the pages but also within the reader’s heart. Amidst the slopes between her past, memories, and present situation, Shabnam’s pen becomes a conduit for the depths of tears, joy, and pain. This book invites readers on a true and emotional odyssey, offering a glimpse into Shabnam’s unique personality while illuminating universal aspects of the human experience. “Symphony of Silence” is a testament to resilience and introspection, sharing all facets of the author’s life to foster an understanding of the differences and struggles inherent in the human condition. A beautifully written narrative, it serves as a source of deep contemplation and imparts invaluable lessons, empowering readers with newfound perspectives for their own lives.


Shabnam Jamal, a resilient soul and a masterful storyteller, holds an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Delhi University. With an unwavering determination to capture the essence of her life, Shabnam embarked on the creation of “Symphony of Silence,” her debut book, amidst a challenging personal journey. This poignant book seamlessly intertwines prose and poetry, becoming a canvas for Shabnam’s emotions and reflections on a life slipping away. In the face of a profound and mysterious ailment that has cast a shadow on her memory, Shabnam courageously poured her heart and thoughts onto the pages of this book. While grappling with the loss of her memories, including those of family and friends, she channeled her efforts into crafting a poignant narrative that transcends the boundaries of her own struggles.


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