7 Life Sutras



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This book is about the journey of life, to know more about the life, as to make it harmonize towards the success of materialistic as well as family success, because nowadays family issues are arising at rapid speed and people don’t able to get rid of the consequences, that are rapidly growing constantly, and the one reason is so many consequences are there, then how one can know all this, but one thing we can do is that if not able to know whole, then attain some of the life sutras that will help you to move on with the suggested path and makes out from you, a kind of stress, sometimes naturally being picked up by many persons, so these 7 life sutras are some of them, that will manage your life and balances it for your purposeful achievements.


One thing you all notice that success is when you do efforts and hard work for your achievements and when it is achieved then only, people fall around the materialistic world, that gives them success ratio, no doubt but makes them out of the sight that is pleasurable and insight experience, because here are world moves giving more weight and value for achieving materialistic and that type of our character comes out and that is life, but this is not same for the author, for him success is the key of living secretly, while achieving the right thing at the right time, not after the time, then is what use if we got it and there is no need, so come out from the built mind and move according to the merits and conditions that will makes you and your nation happy.


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