The Literature Today Magazine: Vol 2 Issue 1


by The Literature Today

ISBN: 9789390047307

PRICE: 700

Pages: 46

Language: English

Category: Literature

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days




The Literature Today team feels elated in announcing the second edition of the first issue of this much-awaited quarterly magazine. In this edition, we have attempted to touch upon new topics in addition to the ones which were a part of the previous edition in an endeavor to reach even more readers. This edition includes reviews of books covering diverse genres and which the readers would find interesting. Other than this, the author interviews have also been featured like the earlier edition. The new features of this edition include different, well-researched articles on business, economics, fashion, education, and also, we have tried to bring the lives of authors in front of their loving readers, who would like to know the circumstances which led to the shaping of their artistic persona. Also, there is some space for books selected by the editorial board of The Literature Today. This edition is multi-faceted with an intention to make more and more readers happy and recommend this magazine to their friends and family. After the overwhelming response to the earlier editions, we felt more motivated to work towards making this edition a better version of the earlier one. We hope we will be able to meet our intentions. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Cyscoprime Publishers for helping us shoulder to shoulder in this venture and publishing this magazine on their platform. We would love to hear the feedback and responses of our readers at and help us get better and better with every edition.


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