The wait is forever


By: Diptiman

ISBN: 9789358384734

Page:  147

Price:  250/-

Category: FICTION / General

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This is the tale of Mihir, a young man hailing from Odisha. He toiled in Delhi’s bustling IT sector, sharing an apartment with his coworker, Madhab. One fateful day, a phone call rocked his world. It was an old school friend, delivering the astonishing news that his family had arranged his marriage to none other than Swati, his childhood best friend. They had shared classrooms until the 3rd grade, after which life had severed their connection. Mihir was stunned, but curiosity drove him to search for Swati on social media. Sadly, his attempts were futile. Determined, he decided to embark on a journey to his hometown, Madhab accompanying him in the quest. Despite their relentless efforts, Swati remained elusive. Dejected, Mihir returned to Delhi, but the longing in his heart persisted. One day, as he aimlessly scrolled through his social media feed, a glimmer of hope appeared. Mihir stumbled upon a diary post by Swati, revealing that she was using the alias “Jasmin” on Facebook. To his astonishment, she had been conversing for six months without revealing her identity. Armed with this newfound knowledge he got to know Swati is coming to Delhi They spent two joyous days together, reminiscing about their childhood friendship. Yet, fate took an unexpected turn as Swati suddenly vanished. Driven by love and a burning desire to uncover the truth, Mihir once again embarked on a journey, returning to Odisha with hope in his heart. The mystery of Swati’s disappearance awaited him, a puzzle he was determined to solve, no matter where it led him.


Hi, my name is Diptiman, a man of humble beginnings hailing from the picturesque Kalahandi district of Odisha. Born into a middle-class family, i imbibed the values of hard work and education early in life, thanks to my father, a dedicated teacher. Education and a stable job were considered paramount, leading me to pursue my studies in the bustling city of Delhi. In pursuit of a conventional career, i ventured into the corporate world, but the confines of the nine-to-five routine failed to ignite my passion. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for creative expression, i took a leap of faith and transitioned into the world of freelancing, where i found the freedom to explore my true calling. My journey took a transformative turn when i discovered my love for the written word. Over the years, i honed my craft as a writer, churning out compelling content that resonated with readers. What started as a personal pursuit soon evolved into a potential avenue for sharing my unique perspectives with a broader audience. my love for travel became a source of inspiration, fueling my desire to explore the world and translate my experiences into captivating narratives. As i penned down my adventures, i realized the power of storytelling in connecting with others and imparting valuable life lessons. In addition to writing, i uncovered another hidden talent— my voice. my passion for singing became a source of solace and self-expression. Music allowed me to communicate emotions that words alone couldn’t capture. Despite his creative pursuits, i remain unpretentious and shy in the realm of social media. i believe in letting his work speak for itself and cherishes the authenticity of face-to-face interactions. For me, life is a canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of dreams and aspirations. I firmly holds onto the belief that no matter the challenges life may throw your way, giving up on your dreams should never be an option. My journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of a life rich in experiences, words, and music.


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