Theory of Each and Everything – The points of emptiness or zero dimensional points


By: Jaspreet Kaur


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 About the book

This book “Theory of everything” is regarding to Science Fiction which is the genre of speculative fiction which typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as space exploration, time travel, parallel universes etc. This book tells about the- Ques. How universe was began? Ques. What was the existence of the universe before the creation of the universe? Ques. How time was originate? Ques. Where does the energy come from? Ques. How did the dimensions come about? Ques. Is universe flat or curved? Ques. What is dark matter? Ques. What is dark energy? The biggest question– Who is the Supreme Power of all universes?With the exception of, it gives the information how the idea of universe was develop in science? What were the beliefs in ancient world about universe? It gives the little review of history of developing idea of universe as well as few information about big bang theory or modern cosmology. Aside from this, the new logical idea of this book regarding the information of universe or most fundamental level of each and everything along with clarifications as well as diagrams, not mathematics used in this hypothesis. The purpose of this just provide information about universe how did universe become? What is the fundamental of everything? It shares new logical ideas towards the beginning of universe.

About the author

Hi, I’m Jaspreet kaur, born on 26th December 1993, in Jhandiana west, which is one of the villages of Moga that is city in the Indian state of Punjab. I have a nuclear family, there are seven members in our family, my father, mother, 2 brothers, a sister in law (bhabi) , a nine months old nephew and I.I took my primary education from S.k public school Talwandi bhai (Ferozpur) and Senior Secondary education from S.M.D sen. Sec. School Kotsukhia, Faridkot (Punjab) , after schooling I have pursued degree of bachelor of science from Gov. College of science education and research, Jagraon, Ludhiana (Punjab). After that I completed my B.Ed from Satyam college of education, moga (Punjab) in 2019. I’m not professionally an artist or scientist. But my dream was become a scientist because I was so curious to know about natural phenomenas since my schooling days. I had great interest in thinking about several mysteries and developing ideas on the basis of logics . The biggest question developed in my mind how everything works? How did become universe? And I was always obsessed from these questions that’s why I decided to research after completed my studies. I started to find out on internet,how many discoveries happened in science & how many mysteries have not been solved yet by science. Then I began to get knowledge about universe from Scientific views as well as Religious views, one day came when I reached at a conclusion & being able to make a new logical theory “the theory of each and everything”.


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