Vaishvik Sanatan Sanskriti : Sakaar Hote Swapn


By: Sanjay Anant

ISBN: 9789358386189

Price: 220/-

Page: 127

Category: FICTION / Religious

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This book delves into the timeless narrative of Sanatan Dharma, portraying it as an endless, eternal journey. Sanatan Dharma transcends mere religious affiliation; it embodies a way of life where diverse thoughts, rituals, and cultures have thrived under its umbrella for millennia. Among the vibrant tapestry of Sanatan, ISKCON emerges as a youthful yet potent force, disseminating its values globally and fostering a deep love for Krishna and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita – Krishna’s profound and scientifically relevant message to all humanity.

Renowned Hindi writer, film critic, and poet, Sanjay Anant, skillfully navigates through the intricacies of Sanatan Dharma, shedding light on its ancient Vedic sciences and the significant role of ISKCON within its framework. With engaging prose and profound insights, Anant offers a captivating exploration into the essence of Sanatan Dharma and its contemporary manifestations.


Sanjay Anant



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