Ripple Effect of Spirituality


By: Dr. Sri Sri Trinethra Mahantha Shivayogi Swamiji

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Swamiji’s teachings offer profound insights into the prevailing problems of our present-day society. From personal struggles to community issues, environmental challenges and concerns for animals, he addresses a wide array of issues attributed to human behaviours and lack of awareness.
Through his guidance, Swamiji empowers individuals to embark on a journey of self-correction and personal transformation. He emphasizes the importance of being the change we wish to see in society. By embodying his teachings, we can create a positive impact on ourselves and the communities we live in.
Moreover, Swamiji sets an example through his own actions. Glimpses of how he actively implements his principles can inspire us to follow suit. His approach encompasses fostering empathy, compassion and unity among all beings while promoting environmental consciousness.
With Swamiji’s wisdom as our guide, we have the opportunity to become ambassadors of change. By learning from his teachings and emulating his actions, we can contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate world for all living beings.


Dr. Sri Sri Trinetra Mahantha Shivayogi Swamiji – A Distinctive Grace
A young lad of sixteen realized one day that he had to do something to help alleviate people’s sufferings in society and was drawn to take up penance in the Himalayas. He used to make frequent trips from Mysuru to the Himalayas to be mentored by a baba over a period spanning more than a decade where he engaged in intense sadhana (practice). During this period, he came in contact with Naga Sadhus and was also tutored by them.
When he turned twenty-two, he was approached by his holiness Sri Sri Maridevaru Shivayogi Swamiji of Bebi Matha (Monastery) from the Durdundeshwara Matha lineage, to become his successor. Initially apprehensive, but later he agreed to become his disciple. He was then mentored by his guru who bestowed upon him all his learnings and blessed him as he embraced Sanyasa on the 28th Nov 1999 at the age of twenty-three. Henceforth to be known as Sri Sri Trinetra Mahantha Shivayogi Swamji.
Swamiji was born on 3rd August 1976 in Tondikere to a noble couple Nagaratna and Panchaksharayya. During his early days he mastered Sanskrit poetry, Veda, Agama Praveen, Pravara, Jyotishya and Vidwat Madhyama (Shakti Vishishtadwait) while studying at Yediyur and Mysuru.
After becoming the successor of the Bebi Matha, he brought in a number of improvements to the Matha at Bebi village. He also went on to acquire a new piece of land on the banks of the river Kaveri in Srirangapatna (Mandya District) to setup a beautiful ashram called Chandravana, where he resides today. The ashram has a beautiful temple (100-year-old and restored), Navagraha Vana, Dhyan Mandira, goshala, guest house for visitors with a dining area and an upcoming Yoga & Ayurveda centre.
To describe Swamiji’s persona is challenging, given the extensive sadhanas he has undertaken and his profound connection with Goddess Parvathi, whom he affectionately addresses as “”amma”” (mother) in his interactions with followers and visitors. Rarely does he take any action without first seeking her blessings.
Swamiji’s mission is to strive for community betterment, help maintain peace and harmony within communities and to promote sustainable practices that ensure the protection of our planet for the generations to come.
Swamiji’s efforts for community betterment has not gone un-noticed and has resulted in him being bestowed with an Honorary doctorate for exemplary social work from Indian Virtual academy for Peace & Education.
Swamiji is also very passionate about Yoga and especially a strong advocate of Jala Yoga. This has earned him a second PhD in this area.
Swamji is well travelled both within India and abroad having visited over fifteen countries, whilst promoting Indian culture and ways of living.
Swamij has institutionalized the Kaveri Prashasti Award to recognize citizens within the Karnataka state for their extra-ordinary contribution to society.


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