JEE PHYSICS INSIGHTS VOLUME–III : Electrostatics, Magnetics and Alternating Current


By: Dr. Rama Kant Sharma

ISBN: 9789358388572

Price: 500/-

Page: 141

Category: EDUCATION / General

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“”JEE Physics Insights Volume – III”” is an essential resource for mastering electrostatics, capacitors, electricity, magnetic effect of current, magnetism, electromagnetic induction and alternating current. The book stands out for its precise, to-the-point content, avoiding unnecessary questions to ensure focused learning. It includes a vast collection of previous years’ JEE questions, equipping aspirants with real exam practice. Additionally, it offers techniques and short tricks to tackle difficult problems efficiently. This guide is designed to support JEE and other competitive exam preparations, making complex concepts accessible and enhancing problem-solving skills. Ideal for aspirants seeking a thorough and efficient study tool.



Dr. Rama Kant Sharma is a Ph.D. holder in Physics and has done “”Diplôme Supérieur”” in French. Besides, he has done LL B and CS degree (from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India). He has been teaching French and Physics for the last 22 years. He
uses scientific methods for teaching French and Physics, which distinguishes him from others. He hails from village Paliya Duwan, Post Office – Raghunath Ganj, District- Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.



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