ABCD Finance Business (Any Body Can Do Finance Business)


By: Tamjid Ahmad

ISBN: 9789358383478

Price: 499/-

Page: 223

Category: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance

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“ABCD Finance Business” by Tamjid (Tamz) is a comprehensive guide to mastering finance in a straightforward manner. Tamz, a finance coach, aims to simplify intricate financial concepts, empowering readers to seize control of their financial destiny. Through the ABCD framework, Tamz elucidates finance essentials, offering practical insights applicable to all, from budgeting to wealth accumulation. The book caters to both novices and experts, presenting clear explanations, real-world examples, and actionable guidance to foster financial literacy and achievement. Readers will learn vital skills such as goal setting, debt management, wise investment, and asset protection, alongside the value of ongoing education and market awareness. Armed with these insights, readers can make informed decisions, cultivate wealth, and secure a brighter financial future. Whether establishing a solid foundation, augmenting wealth, or attaining financial independence, “”ABCD Finance Business”” provides the roadmap to navigate finance complexities effortlessly. Embark on your journey to financial empowerment today and unlock the keys to a brighter tomorrow.



Tamjid Ahmad (Tamz), a finance business coach with 15+ years of experience. Passionate about empowering individuals to manage their finances, Tamz simplifies complex concepts, providing practical advice and real-life examples. With a background in finance and a commitment to client success, he helps clients achieve various financial goals, Tamz, also an author, shares his expertise widely, making finance accessible to all. Join Tamz on your journey to financial freedom and success! you can visit him online at



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