By: Dr. Mahendra Kumar Varma

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About the book

Adult Education is a strong tool of development. It also develops consciousness by which a person is able to perceive critically, the causes of social, political and economic oppressions and take actions against the oppressive elements of society. Thus its ultimate aim is humanization, obviously adult education is more important for developing countries and countries those are lagging behind in providing adult education may be lagging in development. The study was planned to examine why some countries achieve success in providing adult education where as the performance of some countries are discouraging. What conceptual, curricular and methodological factors along with political and socio-economic contexts are responsible for the difference? For seeking an answer to these questions investigator studied and compared the adult education programme in two democracies, India and Pakistan with two communist countries, China and Vietnam.
The similarities, differences and unequal growth of literacy during four decade after independence of countries were found out within the four selected countries in terms of socio-political background, conceptualization, execution and substance of the adult education programme. The study is divided in eight chapters. Chapter VII on comparison and diagnosis has special significance for the educationists and planners. It also consists the zist of the study. The book is useful for Adult Educators, Teachers, Educationist, Planners, Leaders and Administrators of various developing countries.

About the author

Dr. Mahendra Kumar Varma, a very sincere, dynamic and devoted professional was born on 4th November 1958, at the village Sadarpur of Sultanpur District in U.P.. Dr. Varma has a vast experience in teaching profession on platforms like Teacher Education, Physical Education, Non-Formal Education and Adult Education. He completed his secondary education from R.B.N. Inter college Goshainganj Faizabad, with B.Sc and M.Sc. from K.N.P.G. College, Gyanpur Varanasi. He also pursued D.P.Ed from G.C.P.E. Rampur along with B.Ed and M.Ed from Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical & Social Sciences Sultanpur. He also completed his Ph.D from B.H.U. Varanasi. He started his professional journey after his appointment as a lecturer in Govt. College of Physical Education Rampur. He has also worked as a project officer, Non-Formal Education in District Faizabad. He then joined as a lecturer (B.Ed) in Swami Shukdevanand College, Shahjahanpur in 1996, and retired in 2021 as an Asso. Prof, and Head, Faculty of Education. Dr. Varma has participated and presented research papers in various National seminars. More than twenty of his research papers are published in reputed journals. Nine students have been awarded Ph.D and three are working under the supervision of Dr. Varma. He has supervised more than 70 Dissertations of M.Ed as well. He is also life long member of Indian Adult Education Association New Delhi.His area of interest is Teacher, Education, Adult Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Research and Physical Education. Dr. Varma has also made notable contribution to all dimensions of higher education viz teaching, research, administration and extension activities which is a unique accomplishment in itself.


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