Autism and Guide for Management of Autism for Sustainable Living


By: Dr. Vidhu Rajput

ISBN: 9789358381962

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Page: 109

Category: EDUCATION / General

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This book is an attempt to help parents and other caregivers to know about Autism and help Autistic person to live an Inclusive life. The book brings a glimpse into the fact that how Autistic people evolve with not only interventions but meaningfully working on environment modifications and lifting attitudinal barriers It brings understanding towards an Autistic person and is an attempt to simplify the upbringing of Autistic child. The book is an attempt to not only focus on Person with Autism but also the Environment as disability is quantitively measured in interaction with the environment and not solely on person affected. The book is bringing the definition of disability in light and trying to provide a solution in relation to management of Autistic Person and to live life with optimum potential like any other person. The book is not only talking about the care model of disability but also empowerment model. The book is talking about the role of health management, role of physical exercises, modification and adaptation of home environment as well as the institutional environment to cope up with sensory, behavioral and accessibility issues related to Autism.


General Secretary, Voluntary Action Group for Differently Abled Persons (VAGDAP)
(Registered under Societies registration Act of 1860, India) Since 2007 . For Education Training and Empowerment of PwDs
Ex Research Officer Rehabilitation Council of India, Department of Empowerment of PwDs, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, GOI, New Delhi, India
Ex Lecturer NIEPID RC NOIDA, Department of Empowerment of PwDs , M/O Social Justice and Empowerment ,GOI , New Delhi , India


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