B. Sc. (Sem. I & II)


By: Dr. Akbare Azam


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About the book

In this existing era of nuclear age changes are so fast and Rapid in every field of knowledge that we have to make special effort to keep abreast of the latest development discoveries and innovations. Chemistry syllabus is no exception in the context of these flashing changes, this old chemistry syllabus had to be revived and restructured with this aim in view UGC has decided to revise the syllabus and prescribe a new fresh Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) curriculum for each and every subject.
My book Fundamentals of Chemistry and bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry has been prepared and Written so meticulously that it becomes unrivalled, incompatible piece of work strictly in accordance with and adhering exactly to the latest “National education policy 2020” common minimum syllabus.
According to the new syllabus many good new topics are added and introduced. All the concerned topics have been presented in a lucid language and understandable style in tune with the intellectual level of the student so that they have no problem getting the grasp of the subject in such a manner that the learning becomes enjoyable and entertaining and not a dull task done unwillingly by force are pressure. For making the text much more thematic, some concrete examples with Facts and figures with logical explanation have been added at apt places. At this stage strongly feel, the work will make an appeal to the student as well as teachers as an entirely new approach for tackling the questions. At the end of each and every chapter long answer type questions, short answer type questions and multiple choice questions for quick convenience have been given. While selecting the questions, judicious choice was made so that the students may develop complete confidence and can take the examination without fear.
In this way we take pleasure and Pride presenting this book as complete, clear and compact in every aspect and respect. We are very optimistic that the students as well as teachers will find this book very serviceable for BSC 2nd semester classes of all colleges and Universities. All this will go a long way in further improvement and betterment of the book.
Author Feelings

About the author

Dr. Akbare Azam, Assistant Professor department of chemistry Govt. women P. G. college Ghazipur U. P. Author has vast experience of teaching thousands of students in span of 22 years. Author completed Ph. D. (Mewar university, Chittorgadh Rajasthan ), M. Sc. (Chemistry), B.ed., CSIR NET(Chemical science) qualified. Two years research experience from BHU. Total 22 seminars attended. Total 11 National and International research papers, chapters in eight books and two text book have been published. He is reviewer in 3 reputed journals. He has membership of higher education academic society, membership of Indian science Congress association Kolkata West Bengal, membership of research society of chemical sciences Bhopal (MP) membership of Indian academic research association. He has been awarded by best young faculty award of novel research academy Puducherry, National eminent educator award 2020 of green thinkerz. He has been a member in teachers selection committee.


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