Baba Bhootnath : Bhagalpur Ke Mahan Grihasth Sadhak


By: Supriyo Mukherjee

ISBN: 9789358382662

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Page: 107


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This book is the biography of Baba Bhootnath (1860–1951); who was also known as ‘Pandit Mahasaya’ or ‘Pandit Moshay’ and whose spiritual prosperity earned him the recognition of a highly revered seeker of the divine. He believed in spreading message of finding happiness through spirituality among the common people.
Like a conscious beacon of light, for several decades he had guided his devotees from different parts of Bihar and Bengal.

Pandit Mahasaya was not only a divine seeker but also an ‘adept’ scholar, an excellent sanskrit scholar as well as a proven yogi and a true social worker.

The great Balananda Brahmachari of Deoghar had once said about him “Pandit Mahasaya is a sage in worldly disguise, he has achieved self realization and everything of that which a sage has to achieve by completely withdrawing from the society”

All the contemporary gentlemen who came in contact with him felt divine experiences, despite this Baba Bhootnath himself remained far away from publicity and he didn’t establish any ashram hence many people in today’s time may not be aware about him.

This book will help the readers to understand the various events of Baba Bhootnath’s lifetime and all the life values shown by him.


The author of this book is Supriyo Mukherjee, who is the great grandson of Baba Bhootnath and has done research on the life and philosophy of Baba Bhootnath.

Having completed his MBA, Supriyo is currently a dedicated professional in the field of education and skill development sector and has a fondness for writing on his off days.



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