Artificial Intelligence : Exploring the Frontiers of Technology


By: Bhuman Vyas

ISBN: 9789358384581

Price: 399/-

Page: 182

Category: COMPUTERS / Information Technology

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Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Frontiers of Technology is an exploration of the evolution, applications, and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence. It serves as a comprehensive guide for readers curious about AI, from novices to tech enthusiasts, aiming to demystify complex concepts and shed light on the profound impact of AI on our lives


Bhuman Vyas is a Senior software developer having 15+ years of experience in software technology.
Born and raised in India, Bhuman developed a fascination for Artificial Intelligence and its industry use cases.
Throughout his career, Bhuman has published research paper on AI and ML with covering use cases for Fintech and health sectors. He also been speaker in many conferences and his favorite topic includes security use cases in Java, Kafka usage in AI/ML and AI can help to prevent fraud detection.
Outside of his professional pursuits, Bhuman enjoys reading books and spending time with family.


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