Devi Mahatmyam : The Glory of Goddess : Sridurgasaptshati Volume – 2 (Hardcover)


By: Ram Babu Nagar

ISBN: 9789358384918

Price: 2030/-

Page: 872

Category: RELIGION / Hinduism / General

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The original verses in the book being in Sanskrit language, the readers find it difficult to pronounce them, therefore it has been converted into simple text along with Roman English and the meaning of each word has been given separately so that the readers can understand easily. The book provides word to word meaning in all three languages English-Hindi-Sanskrit for global readers. It comprises original Sanskrit text, simple text, Paddachhed, Anvay of the Śloka.Summarized Śloka Index for all Chapters has been comprised. A number of subsidiary texts ( Kavacham, Argalā Stotra, Kīlakam, Rahasya trayam, Kṣamā Prārthanā … etc), are appended before and after the book. Hope more and more readers will be able to get benefit from it. This is the first ever such type of Devī Māhātmyam.


Rambabu Nagar was born in small town Talwas, Bundi (Raj.-India) and he is graduate in English Literature. Down the years he has keen interest in Indian philosophy and religion. He is working at Government Hospital- Deikheda (Bundi-Raj.) in medical department , Govt of Rajasthan. After tireless efforts of 7 years the book has been presented before the devotees. Keshav Nagar (Bhajaneri) has had special support in the publication of the book.
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